Shed Hunting Utah 2020: Double Trifecta

What's up Guys!

Chad and I had such an epic day of mule deer, elk, and moose antlers! This was such a rad day because we hiked SO far. It was insane. But at the end of the day it was worth it! Chad found a lot more than I did to be honest, but we both got the trifecta so we were stoked! We only went for one day but we hiked like 20 miles! Now I know, to some people that may seem like a life time of hiking and to some that may seem like a baby hike.. I guess it depends on the day, and how you look at it. No matter how far I go or don't go it just feels good to get out there and "be." 

Especially right now with how crazy the world feels.. I know that things are uncertain and at times they seem scary. People are out of work, shut inside, unable to go to school like regular etc. But if I could say one thing it would be to keep the faith. Whatever your belief system is.. keep the faith. Believe in tomorrow and the possibilities that lie ahead of you. That no matter if you hike 20 miles in a day, or just walk around the block to get some fresh air, know that everything is going to be alright. The darkness of the night ALWAYS gives way to the light of the day. Each day is an unopened gift that you get to decide what to do with. 

Get outside. Even if it's just for a minute. Breath deep. Close your eyes and say a prayer, repeat a poem, meditate or whatever you feel connects with you. In life, there are different "trifectas" maybe it's just three simple accomplishments in your day, (getting out of bed, smiling at yourself in the mirror, and telling yourself you are worth it.) That is still a trifecta and it's YOUR personal victory. Be proud of that. WE are proud of you.

Stay safe friends. Stay positive. Stay connected to those who make you feel loved and reach out if you need a friend.

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